The breasts which might appear healthy and normal from the outside may always not be healthy from the inside too. Our breasts issue warning signals by becoming sore, lumpy and even by changing their size and shape. But most of the time, we ignore such red flags and consider them as normal changes occurring as a result of hormonal changes in the body or increasing age. But that is not always the case. You should never ignore such warning signs and immediately seek medical advice, as these signs may indicate a fatal condition that is breast cancer.

In case, you are facing any such symptoms from your body you can consult any of the leading breast care surgeons providing the best Breast Cancer Treatment in Delhi.

How to reduce the risks of developing Breast cancer?

Breast cancer has become a common condition these days. It mostly affects women in their forties or after they have attained menopause. Breast cancer occurs when a woman develops cancerous cysts in the breasts. Symptoms include a change in shape or size of breasts, blood discharge from nipples, or pain in breasts. These cancerous cells can also spread to other parts of the body, indicating that they have been metastasized. When the cancer cells spread to other parts of the body, the disease becomes life-threatening.

But there are a few time trusted and effective lifestyle changes, which you can inculcate in your daily routine to maintain healthy breasts:

1. Exercise: Exercising has not only been proven beneficial for attaining other health benefits but also for keeping breast cancer at bay. According to a report from a breast surgeon in Gurgaon, performing any form of physical activity regularly lowers the risk of developing any form of cancer by 20 per cent. Exercising helps you to maintain healthy body weight, by levelling down glucose levels of your body, thereby promoting stronger immunity. 

2.Healthy Habits : Healthy habits pave the way towards a healthy lifestyle. Avoiding the consumption of alcohol, and drugs is much more essential than it seems to be. Junk and high-calorie food should be avoided. Intake of healthy and nutritious food should be encouraged. You must eat your food in small intervals and go for a walk afterwards if possible.

3.Weight Management : A leading hospital providing the best Breast Cancer treatment in Delhi has directly linked Obesity as one of the main factors behind breast cancer. You should focus on maintaining a healthy weight, by keeping a track of your body mass index. Most often, women resort to crash dieting to shed more kilos in less time, which negatively affects their bodies.

4 .Yoga and Meditation : According to a popular breast surgeon in Gurgaon, higher Stress levels can increase the development of adrenaline in your body, thereby increasing the risk of developing life-threatening conditions like cancer in your body. You must practice yoga and meditation regularly to maintain the stress levels of your body.

5. Vitamin D Supplements : Some recent studies have linked the growth of breast cancer to the deficiency of vitamin D in our bodies. There is a common myth that Vitamin D can be achieved only by Sun exposure. But that is not always a safe or preferable way of taking your vitamin D dose since it can increase the chances of developing skin cancer. Direct exposure of breasts in sunlight can cause you more harm than any good. You can rather consume Vitamin D rich supplements or intake vitamin D rich foods.

Don’t forget to inculcate these healthy lifestyle tips in your routine and prevent chances of developing breast cancer


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