When it comes to buying a women watch online that looks elegant, classy and voguish, nothing compares to the charisma of black watches. Be it a sober vintage watch in gold colour or a funky watch that looks cool, it is only a black watch that is capable of communicating unmatchable class. 

Black watches for women are the first preference of shoppers when it comes to colour options in wristwatches. A black watch possesses the power to elevate and enliven any outfit, no matter how dull or sombre it looks. This very fact is the major reason behind the popularity of black watches and why these are still in vogue, even after decades. 

Now let us delve a little more and explore some of the major benefits of investing in black watches for women:

  1. Black watches are charismatic

There is no denying the fact that black watches are charismatic. These are proficient enough to deliver a timeless grace and excellence that can attract viewers. Black watches generally have a shiny black ceramic or carbon coating over their body which is why these look dapper. This is what sets them apart from the other watches and classifies them as revolutionary. For those who believe in accentuating their outfits with classy accessories or crave a little more attention in public gatherings, a black watch can be the best choice to make.

  1. Best in terms of versatility

Not just are black watches charismatic or classy but also extremely versatile. These can be styled with any type of outfit be it formal or traditional, sombre or funky. One does not have to brainstorm their mind for deciding which accessories or wristwatches should they choose for styling with their outfits, as one can never go wrong with a black watch. 

  1. Black stands for VOGUE

Just as black clothing is always in trend, so are the black watches. Who does not love to get clad in accessories or say the latest watches for girls that look modish? The colour black stands for vogue as well as timeless appeal since these have been a part of a trend for a good period now. So, for the ones who are a bit conscious or keen about investing in the latest trends of watches or accessories, black watches make an excellent choice.

Two best picks of black watches from Casio

Here are the two best picks of black watches for women that are worth paying any attention to:


This black beauty from Casio’s Sheen watch category is the best pick to consider when considering black watches for women. The watch features sapphire crystals around its dial, which lends it an eye-pleasing appearance. Most of its charm comes from the black metal case . Besides this, the watch is extremely water-resistant and has a date display.

Features at a glance

  • Date display
  • Water-resistant up to 50 mm
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Glare resistant coating
  • Black ion-plated case
  • Black ion-plated band


For watch enthusiasts who prefer watches with a bit of extravagance, this black watch from Sheen is a favourable choice to make. The watch looks stunning as it is studded with cut glass crystals around its dial as well as in bezel, and a beautiful matte finish ion-plated wrist band. It is a perfect accessory for present-day women. 

Features at a glance

  • Cut glass crystals
  • Stainless steel band
  • Mineral glass
  • Water-resistant
  • One-touch 3 fold clasp
  • Black ion-plated band
  • Black ion-plated case

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