Winters are here and heating water is an added chore for the busy chilly mornings. A warm bath is necessary and therapeutic for the winter mornings. Maharaja Electric Water Heater heats water in no time making getting ready hassle-free. It comes with a high-grade glass-lined coated inner tank which makes the electric water heater robust from the inside and protects against corrosion thereby increasing the lifespan of the water heater. 

Maharaja Whiteline vows to be a lifesaver with its advanced technology making mundane tasks quick and easy. Striving to deliver convenience. 

Why choose Maharaja Water heaters instead of a traditional water heater? 

●      The Maharaja water heaters are equipped with the Glass Lined Coated Inner tank, which ensures the safety of the tank from corrosion unlike traditional heaters and gives long life to the tank thus, a value for money. They are designed to reduce maintenance and work more efficiently.  

●     It has a 4-star BEE rating out of 5, the BEE rating ensures efficiency and power conservation of an electrical appliance. While you enjoy warm soothing baths we ensure the bill doesn’t go through the roof. 

●     One of the most common and lethal problems in a water heater is rust but not with the Maharaja water heaters because our water heaters are made from a tough rust-resistant material.

●     In order to be more user-specific, our water heaters come with a Temperature Control Knob so that you can enjoy the water temperature according to your liking.

● Safety is our topmost concern when making appliances. Your safety is our responsibility. To avoid any mishaps the Maharaja water heaters are furnished with a 2 Level Auto Thermal Cut Function. The auto cut acts when the water temperature reaches 72 degrees Celsius and thermal cut if the first auto cut fails when the water temperature reaches 95 degrees Celsius. So, there are no accidents ever.    

Frequently asked questions about Electric water heaters : 

1. What is the best temperature setting for a water heater? 

48 degrees Celsius is an average temperature for a comfortable warm bath for most people and this is the temperature that comes preset in most water heaters. The medium temperature setting on your water heater will give you 48 degrees Celsius. 

2. What capacity of the heater should I buy? 

The capacity of the water heater totally depends on the size of your family. A 10-litre water heater is best for a house with two people. A slightly bigger family of 3-4 members can utilise a 15-litre water heater effectively. The water heater of 25litre capacity is apt for a family of 10 members. Maharaja Whiteline comes with a range of electric water heaters to serve families big and small. 

3. Why should I choose to buy an electric water heater instead of a gas water heater? 

Well, there are a lot of reasons to support buying an electric water heater over a gas water heater :

The cost of using an electric water heater is less than that of a gas water heater and also the buying price of an electric water heater is less than that of a gas water heater. Since all homes have an electricity connection it is easier to install an electric water heater. A wider range in the capacity of water heaters is available than gas water heaters. They are also safer than gas water heaters as there is no risk of a gas leak. Maharaja Water heaters are not only power efficient but also robust and fuss-free from installation to use. 

4. What is the best place for installing an electric water heater

The best place for installing a water heater is on the part of a wall away from the water supply, shower, bathtub .i.e. any damp source.

Install the electric water heater at a height of at least 6ft from the floor to get enough water pressure for a strong flow from the tap. Make sure there is some space between the appliance and the wall so that in case the appliance needs to be operated, the technician can get better access to it. 

5. How often should I drain my electric water heater? 

It is recommended to drain your electric water heater at least once a year to free from any sediment build up over time. So, that you receive a smooth hot water flow. 

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