Juicer mixers are one of the most utilitarian and must needed kitchen appliances. Juicer mixer grinders are heavily and highly used in Indian kitchens. From grinding to blending and juicing the juicer grinder machine handles every function with ease and provides quickness and efficiency of operations. But since these juicer grinders render their services with robustness, it is our duty too, to keep them clean and well maintained. Hence, here are a few amazing techniques for easy cleaning and maintenance of juicer mixer grinders. 

  1. Cleaning is mandatory after each use

The first and most important rule for effectively cleaning the juicer grinder machine is to clean it after every use. Leaving the juicer grinder mixer uncleaned for longer hours or days can lead to residue and bacterial formation over its parts, which may not be properly removed even when cleaned later. Not just this, but the juicer grinder machine might be stained with the remaining fruit residue. Hence, it is extremely essential to clean all its parts thoroughly before and after every use.

  1. Dipping in lukewarm soap solution

One of the best ways for convenient, time-saving and effective cleaning of the juicer mixer grinder is to detach its parts and dip them in lukewarm water or soapy solution so that any kind of residue is present in the juicer mixer or its parts can be easily cleaned or removed. This also helps to remove the stains of the fruits and vegetables from their parts and also helps to get rid of bacteria. 

  1. Wiping with a sponge

The body and the parts of the juicer grinder machine are made of superior quality material which needs to be handled with care and caution. Using a rough cloth or wire-based cleaning accessories may bring scratches over the juicer grinder’s body parts. Hence, it is always advisable to use a soft sponge for easy and scratch-free cleaning of the juicer mixer grinders.

  1. Don’t over grind

Another crucial factor to consider while cleaning the juicer mixer grinder is to not over grind it. Over grinding the juicer mixer grinder or using it for prolonged periods can bring much mechanical damage to its motor and machinery. Hence, as a result, the juicer mixer grinder might suffer from extreme wear and tear within a short period. It is always preferable to give at least 5 minutes rest after every 10-15 minutes of continuous grinding operation to expand the life efficiency of the motor.

  1. Always use branded accessories

People generally tend to replace their damaged machinery or mechanical parts of juicer grinders with old, outdated, second hand or local accessories. This does no good to the juicer grinders but rather brings much harm to its machinery. It is always advisable to use only branded accessories for your juicer mixers, as old and used machinery or parts can decrease the product life drastically.

  1. White Vinegar can help with the stains

Though fruit stains on a mixer grinder can be easily removed using a liquid detergent or soapy solution, there can be permanent stains left out on the parts, which might require more cleaning than just using a soap-based formulation. 


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