Class, elegance and femininity – this is what rose gold wristwatches are all about. Sleek, aesthetic in their design and flaunting a modest dial, rose gold wristwatches are the most versatile piece of accessory a woman can own in her closet. These mostly feature a metallic band and a classic round dial and are every woman’s wardrobe favourite. The major reason is their versatility. From pairing them with a classic ethnic saree to a formal white blazer, rose gold watches are indeed the best. 

Now, as we are already head over heels for rose gold watches for women, let us find out some of the best styling hacks which women can use in this ongoing wedding season:

  1. Classic saree

 No matter the type or variety of designer or modish sarees might be available in the market, classic sarees have a separate fan base and when it comes to pairing an accessory with classic sarees nothing goes better than an elegant rose gold hand watch for girls

  1. Formal office fit

Formal fits generally consist of a trouser, shirt, and blazer. Just as the outfit truly depicts the sincerity and dedication of an employee towards his job or workplace, so do the accessories styled by her. One can never go wrong with a rose gold hand watch for girls when it comes to choosing accessories with office wear. After all, bracelets and bangles match more ideally with ethnic fits. 

  1. White shirt and denim

Not only do rose gold watches for girls ideally match office wear, or classic sarees but equally compliment white shirts and denim. Be it making a special guest appearance, hosting an office party, or just enjoying a Sunday brunch with friends, a rose gold watch is sure to be the head-turner.

  1. Floral dresses

Summers are the time when florals, especially floral dresses are embraced. But floral dresses can be best embraced by choosing the perfect set of accessories. Again, one can never go wrong with a rose gold watch when it comes to adorning them with a breezy floral dress. 

  1. Casual tees

Does there even have to be a special occasion to flaunt that rose gold watch in your wardrobe? Of course not. Rose gold watches for girls also look best with casual wear or casual fits such as basic tees, tops and denim wear. 

Final words

So these were a few of our favourite ways, in which one can style super-versatile rose gold stylish watches for girls. Hope you guys liked them! 


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