If you are one on the list of those wristwatch enthusiasts or shoppers who prefer buying chronograph or analogue watches over other types of watches, then this article is just meant for you. More advanced and utilitarian than your analogue watches, Bluetooth watches were designed to bring some convenience to your stressful and hectic lives. But interestingly, even in such a digitised era, the majority of people are still unaware of the functions and features of the Bluetooth mobile watch. To bring awareness about the utilities and features of a Bluetooth watch we are up with five special features of Bluetooth watches that will make you get your hands on one.

Pair It Up with Your Smartphone

One of the most special features of a Bluetooth mobile watch is that it provides you with wireless connectivity that lets you connect your smartphone with your smartwatch effortlessly. Well, this is one of the major reasons why you would love to invest in a Bluetooth watch. By pairing your smartphone with your watch you can easily access smart apps and features like accelerometer, navigation, fitness tracker etc., for an advanced experience.

Navigation Feature for Travel Enthusiasts

Another feature that would want you to get your hands on a Bluetooth wrist watch is its navigation function. For those who love spending their time outdoors or are active mountain explorers or sea surfers, the navigation function is of great utility. Hence, this is when the Bluetooth watch comes in for rescue by providing you with the GPS feature facilitating easy navigation or location tracking.

Tracks your Fitness Levels

The 21st-century man has hardly got any time to focus on their fitness or health. This is when a smartwatch can help, by providing highly useful features like a pedometer, calorie counter, heart rate monitoring, water hydration reminder, blood oxygen tracking etc. that not only helps in tracking the fitness levels but also helps to track whether one can attain their fitness goals or not. This also lets one track their speed or pace while walking or running, facilitating easy monitoring of progress. Some of the Bluetooth watches these days like the ones from Casio come with a lap memory feature that facilitates data recording of the past workouts, allowing for easy progress tracking.

Serves as your Assistant

If you own a smartwatch then you no longer need a personal assistant to cater to your needs. Your smartwatch lets you intelligently schedule your day events and tasks without the hassle and makes you stay up to date with reminders. You can easily set up reminders in the calendar for important dates and events. You can also manage important emails and even set up reminders for the same.

It is a mini smartphone on your wrist

Your Bluetooth wristwatch is no less than your smartphone these days. Equipped with advanced features and intelligently designed specifications it lets you manage all those activities for what you are owning a smartphone. From scheduling your appointments to placing and answering your calls, reminder setting and alarm feature you can do it all, just at the tap of your wristwatch that you are owning.


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