Blend effortlessly with Maharaja Electric Blenders

Are you exploring a perfect hand blender that can give you super quick results? The one that can lend to your batters and creams a smooth texture. The one that can make your blending, whipping and egg beating effortless? If yes, then you are reading the right article.  I’m going to share a great piece of information about a few high powered electric blenders from Maharaja Whiteline.

These powerfully built electric hand blenders are equipped with extraordinary features and modern technology. Its ergonomic handle provides a better grip during the blending procedure. The Detachable stainless steel shaft and Anti-Splash foot support easy cleaning and convenient blending operation. Unlike the conventional blenders, which are super noisy and suffer from technical wear and tear after some use, these electric hand blenders are highly durable and support a sturdy mechanical operation

I will share some of the most powerful electric blender variants equipped with top-notch features.

Innovative Hand Blenders:

1. Infinity Mix Pro

The Infinity Mix Pro is one of the newly launched hand blenders from Maharaja Whiteline. Its innovative design and sleek body make it a perfect kitchen appliance for accentuating the modern kitchen interior. It is furnished with a 175 watts motor for sturdy mechanical operation. It comes with detachable blades and a stainless steel shaft for easy handling and convenient cleaning of the product. The Multipurpose jar is built from high-grade plastic and makes storage of liquid ingredients super convenient.

2. Infinity Mix Pro +

The Infinity Mix Pro + is equipped with a heavy-duty 250 watts motor for supporting super fast and super smooth blending. It comes with an Enogormic handle which supports hassle-free blending operation. The advanced Duraforce blade technology is capable of blending even the hardest of ingredients and giving a perfect consistency for batters. This variant also comes with a multi-utility jar and detachable blades for consumer convenience.

3. Speedmix Super

The Speedmix Super is as sturdy and potent as the Infinity mix models from Maharaja Whiteline. It is one of the best hand blender in India. Its super-sharp blades support multiple operations of blending, liquifying and pureeing. Keeping in mind the consumer concerns, it is designed to support a noise-free blending operation. Furnished with a Push Button, it is highly potent for a continuous blending operation. Its elegant blue-white colour will accentuate your kitchen decor.

4. Speedmix Super Plus

The Speedmix super Plus is designed for maximizing customer convenience by supporting easy blending operation. It provides a noiseless and sturdy mechanical operation, for maximum consumer convenience.  It not only makes your blending effortless but is extremely easy to clean and operate. Hence, you do not require any special or extra technical knowledge for its operation.

5. Turbomix King Plus

The Turbomix King Plus supports a powerful and continuous blending operation since it’s equipped with a 250 watts motor. The 800 ml multi-purpose jar and the 500 ml chopper can be used for an easygoing chopping and blending operation. Its detachable anti-splash plastic foot allows you to easily clean and stores the electric blender.

6. Turbomix Super Plus

The Turbomix super plus is as powerful as the Turbomix King plus. Like the Turbomix King Plus, it is also equipped with a potent 250 watts motor, for providing robust blending and liquifying operation. It comes with a hanging loop, which makes its storage super convenient. The Pushbutton feature supports effortless and quick blending operation. The Turbomix Super Plus comes with a super blend technology for easy blending of gravies and purees. This is just the right choice when you crave a perfect consistency batter for your cakes and cookies.


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